Nursing Home Litigation

The attorneys at Kasdorf, Lewis & Swietlik are experienced in the handling of nursing home litigation. This includes representation of residential long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes throughout Wisconsin.

We are frequently called in to assist in investigating and possibly resolving claims pre-litigation. We have a team of experienced and thorough attorneys and staff who are familiar with nursing home operations, the state and federal laws under which they operate and the challenges they face in their day to day operations.

Our attorneys handle complicated claims involving falls that have resulted in serious head injuries and/or death, the use or non-use of restraints, unexplained injuries, failure to diagnose and assault. In some of these cases the resident has had underlying conditions that complicated the cause of the injury and or their recovery. Our attorneys have been successful in obtaining summary judgment dismissing claims made by plaintiffs. Our staff of attorneys has the ability, experience and resources to take a case to trial, if needed. However, we also understand their need to maintain their reputation in the community, in which case we can achieve reasonable and fair settlements.

In addition to defending long term residential type facilities in the above referenced claims, we can also assist with any employment actions filed by staff, worker’s compensation claims and any premises liability issues. Please see our Employment Law, Premises Liability and Worker’s Compensation practice areas for additional information.

Attorneys Practicing Nursing Home Litigation: