Premises Liability

The attorneys at Kasdorf, Lewis & Swietlik are experienced with the responsibilities of owners and possessors of land or structures. Most of the cases that arise out of situations on these premises are generically referred to as “slip and fall” injuries. However, at times the situation can be more serious and involve falls from windows, and even assault or robbery.

Premises liability law can be complicated depending on a wide variety of circumstances. Applicable laws can vary depending on whether or not the location is public or private property and why the injured party was on the property. These accidents may occur in various types of settings: construction sites, commercial buildings, rental property or private residences. It is important not only to identify the nature of any legal responsibilities and liabilities on the part of the owner or possessor, but also to identify any third party who may have had a duty and what the corresponding obligations that the person making the claim may have had under the situation presented.

Our attorneys have represented a wide variety of property owners such as: grocery stores, department stores, shopping malls, country clubs, restaurants, rental properties and private residences. We have the knowledge and experience to handle claims ranging from soft tissue injuries to death, along with the sensitivity to defend claims involving assault.